International German Gymnastics Festival 2013 in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region

⇒ 18 — 25 May 2013


⇒ 1 October 2012 — 1 March 2013

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International Youth Camp

As a part of the Turnfest 2013, the Deutsche Turnerjugend, again, hosts an International Youth Camp (Tuju-Camp). The focus of this international, intercultural event is placed on jointly experiencing this festival. About 400 young people from all over the world will come together and actively participate within this sportive and cultural program. ⇒ read more

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Das Turnfest 2013 freut sich auf eine Vielzahl von Gästen und Gruppen aus aller Welt.

Information for international participants


Dear friends of the International German Gymnastics Festival!

We would like to invite you all to visit and to join the largest competition and sports-for-all event in the world with more than 80.000 participants.
Announcement Turnfest 2013 [pdf; 5 MB]

The Turnfest 2013 takes place in Germany's spectacular Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region from 18 to 25 May 2013. Represented by the main cities of Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg, which are just 30 minutes away from Frankfurt/Main International Airport, the region offers a variety of fabulous sports, leisure, culinary and cultural highlights.

Be part of it and feel the magic!

You can join the festival not only as a spectator but take part in plenty activities like:
  • competitions,
  • group performances,
  • games-for-all,
  • entertainment events/show galas,
  • tuju-camp (international youth camp) or
  • as a volunteer.

⇒ Announcement Turnfest 2013 — Information and Registration [pdf; 5 MB]

The Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region and especially the Turnfest 2013 core region, is compact, has excellent transport links and is a heaven for sports enthusiasts. It has metropolitan flair to offer as well as all the charms and practicalities we tend to associate with smaller cities: distances are short, friendly hospitality and a relaxed social life are a given. During Turnfest week, the already excellent regional public transport network will be augmented by increased train frequency, special trains and additional carriages to ensure that all venues can be reached quickly and reliably. All event sites and accommodation facilities lay in a corridor of 30 minutes from Mannheim as the center of the Turnfest 2013.

For your personal accommodation we offer a wide range of possibilities. From a stay in a school up to a luxury hotel we could suggest you whatever you like.

Looking for reasonable prices (and a place ideally equipped for smaller and larger groups) you can choose to be among more than 40.000 other participants staying in one of our common housings in schools as part of a long lasting tradition of the festival (see Announcement for further information). Additionally we are offering contingents in guest houses, pensions and hotels of all categories and at competitive rates. Information on further possibilities such as camping grounds will be given upon request.

If you are interested, please fill in the contact form by stating your contact details and your specific interests regarding our festival. We will get back to you with all necessary information subsequently.

Registration is possible from October 1, 2012 and the final and binding registration date is March 1, 2013.