Volunteer FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions

You can sign up via our volunteer portal.

Our volunteer portal is open between the 1st of April 2020 and the 15th of March 2021.

Please try using Google Chrome. The portal seems to be working best on that browser.

If you want to edit your registration, you can find information on how to do that in this video.

To get information on how to change your personal information and password, please click here.

If you want to change your availability, you can find information on how to do that here.

To see how to upload your accreditation photo, click here.

Please note that your photo should follow the guidelines. You can find those in our Newsletter of August.

If none of these information have helped with your issue, please get in touch via email: volunteers(at)turnfest.de.

Leipzig will host the International German Gymnastics Festival between the 12th and 16th of May 2021. The trade fair Leipzig, the QUARTERBACK Immobilien ARENA, the Red Bull Arena Leipzig, Leipzig University and the city centre are all part of our stage.

The minimum age is 16 years on the 1st of May 2021. There is no upper age limit and we welcome volunteers from every stage of life.

A few working areas require a different age, for example do we have a minimum age of 18 years for the Security team and a minimum age of 21 years to be in the Transfer & Shuttle team.

Generally no previous experience is necessary. We are of course happy if you already have experience with one of our Turnfest disciplines or sports events in general. Every experience you have is valuable for us. However, most important is your commitment and the fun you will have during the event.

Yes, we welcome Volunteers from all around Germany and the world.

Volunteers that don’t live in Germany can stay at our school accommodation for free. We have a designated Volunteer Camp, where breakfast will also be provided.

We do not cover travel costs and for our international volunteers, please note that we do not cover visa fees. However, we can write you a letter for your visa application.

We have a job for everyone. You can get an overview of our working areas with a short description here.

Prior to the event, each volunteer will receive a general and a task-specific instruction. You will learn basic aspects as well as concrete procedures and organisational matters.

The briefing is either given on a long-term basis in advance, a few days before the event or immediately before your first assignment. Even during your assignment you will always have the opportunity to clarify any questions with your supervisor.

The basic idea of volunteering is based on the voluntary and honorary commitment of each and every individual. For this reason, there is no payment for your commitment.

However, there are many good reasons to become a volunteer at the International German Gymnastics Festival.

You will receive:

  • Volunteer uniform
  • Free entrance to non-ticketed events
  • Catering while on duty
  • Volunteer lounge
  • Free accommodation (including breakfast)
    PLEASE NOTE: Accommodation is provided in schools, you will need to bring your own air mattress, sleeping bag, cutlery & plate with you. You can find more Information here.
  • Accreditation, including public transport ticket
  • Volunteer certificate

Yes, you are insured against accidents during your shifts as well as on your way there and back. There is also an insurance for damage claims by third parties in place during your time as volunteer.   

No, you don’t have to be available on all five days. However, it is required to volunteer a minimum of three shifts (shifts are max. 6 h long) during the five days. Of course, we would be delighted if you decide to help us at as many days as possible. It is therefore important that you let us know your availability in our volunteer portal.

We explained how you can edit your availability in the video here.

You will receive an e-mail either confirming your application or asking for an interview (if your first language is not English or German or if you need a visa for Germany) no later than two months after your application.

Roles will be allocated towards the end of 2020 and we are hoping to have shift plans ready at the beginning of April 2021.

This depends very much on the respective area of work. What is certain, however, is that we urgently need support both a few weeks before and after the event. We would therefore be delighted to receive every helping hand in preparation and follow-up of the event! You can tell us your availability in the registration portal

Please e-mail us as soon as you know something in your availability has changed. You can reach us via volunteers(at)turnfest.de. You are also welcome to e-mail us your questions or any important changes in your application.

Yes, after the event every volunteer will receive a certificate noting your involvement with the International German Gymnastics Festival.

Thousands of volunteers will be present at the Gymnastics Festival. Therefore, it is not possible for us to provide accommodation for everyone. Please indicate your wish in the appropriate place when registering in our volunteer portal.

We will plan a school as a volunteer camp, which will then be available for overnight stays according to capacity. You can find more information here.

We will allocate roles gradually, but are hoping to start the allocation towards the end of 2020. It is therefore possible that some volunteers have already been assigned roles but you have not heard from us yet. We try to allocate roles as quickly as possible. However, since many volunteers only register at short notice, it may be that we have to change some allocations closer to the event.

We aim to finalise shift plans and send them out at the beginning of April.

Yes, please note this down in your volunteer application under the question “Further Information”. It is also important to let us know your friends name.

As another option, if there are more of you, you can also create a group and set up a name for your group. When signing up, the first question will be “How are you registering?” Please select  “I am registering a new group” and enter the name of your group. You then need to press "yes" for the question “Do you want to allow others to join this group?”.

Then, when your friends register, they can select “I am joining an existing group” and select the name of the group from the list.

We look forward to receiving your question via email volunteers(at)turnfest.de and aim to respond as soon as possible.