Working Areas

We are looking for volunteers who can provide support in different areas such as Operations, Technology, Events, Competitions and Guidance. Proficiency in either English or German is requested. Other languages are a plus.


Do you enjoy doing exciting and varied tasks and working responsibly with different people? Then Operations is the right place for you. Here you can expect a wide range of opportunities, from being an allrounder to logistics and security.

  • As with every other big event, there will be instances where things don’t work out the way they are planned. Therefore, there will be a pool of allrounders, who will help wherever help is needed. You will get to see a little bit of many areas.
  • What you need: flexibility, spontaneity, enjoyment of changing tasks
  • During the event there will be different zones on the event sites (e. g. media centre, competition area, etc). The accreditation badge will show which group of people has access to a specific zone. Every volunteer, member of staff, judges, athletes, media, etc. will need their own specific accreditation. You will help with handing out the accreditation, printing, issuing and modifying accreditation and supporting the accreditation manager.
  • What you need: good computer skills, friendly and calm manner, assertiveness, foreign languages are an advantage
  • During the International German Gymnastics Festival hundreds of thousands of visitors want to enjoy themselves and take home some great memories of the event. In order to create the best conditions for this, security plays an important role. An external company will provide the security for the event. However, we also need some volunteers to support us in this area to check tickets, monitor entrances and exits.
  • What you need: friendly and assertive manner
  • During the event numerous pieces of equipment as well as materials are required at all locations across Leipzig. Everything will need to be at the right place for the right time. Your job will be to support the transport, storage and distribution of the materials as well as setting up and taking down the equipment.
  • What you need: quick perception, interested in logistics and its processes, strength, readiness for action
  • Throughout the Gymnastics Festival there will be a number of VIP guests travelling between the various event sites around the city. To ensure that they get to each place safely we are looking for volunteers to drive them around.
  • What you need: driving licence, minimum of 21 years old with at least 2 years driving experience, knowledge of Leipzig is an advantage


You don’t want to just be there but be a part of it all? Then come and support our event team with the realisation of the many different events.

  • The Gymnastics Festival is an important meeting point for coaches and people interested to gain new knowledge for practical use. During the Gymnastics Festival, the Turnfest-Academy, the largest training and further education forum in Europe, will take place and offer ideal opportunities to learn about new trends in fitness and gymnastics. In hundreds of workshops and seminars, the latest findings from science and practice as well as the latest trends are passed on.
  • What you need: enjoyment of teamwork, knowledge of different languages preferred
  • Spectacular events such as the opening ceremony, the parade or the stadium gala are the highlights of the International German Gymnastics Festival. The diversity of the 26 disciplines is shown in colourful pictures and with the support of hundreds of athletes. Further demonstrations and shows by clubs and groups also make it clear that the gymnastics world keeps young and old in motion and that creativity and skill know no bounds. Only with the support of many volunteers these big events can succeed and become a great experience for everyone involved. Your tasks will include supporting the event team & choreographers, looking after the performers & show groups, helping with the set up & take down and visitor support.
  • What you need: willingness do drive right in, communicative; experience with looking after show groups & performers is beneficial
  • At the Gymnastics Festival the focus is on togetherness – and not only in sports and event venues. At various central points in Leipzig, participants, visitors as well as guests can try out and have fun beyond the competitions and shows at various join-in activities. The offers are all about games, fun and excitement and do not necessarily have a gymnastics background. They are intended to motivate people to exercise actively. Your tasks involve overviewing a specific activity, motivating and helping participants, noting down results and handing out small gifts.
  • What you need: you love to interact with people and inspire them, you have pedagogical skills, patience and empathy and are open to present new sports
  • The event has a big kids and youth program and tries to be a centre of attraction for young people to promote their enjoyment of sports and movement. Children and young people can therefore try out and discover a lot of activities each day.
  • You will be looking after the different kid activities and offers as well as support the team during the Tuju party and other events.
  • What you need: enjoyment and experience when working with kids

IT & Communications

Do you love technology or social media? Then these areas are made for you. A complex range of tasks such as answering questions about applications (programs, databases, etc.) or solving simple technical problems is waiting for you in our IT team.

In the communications area, your help is needed in supporting the numerous national and international media representatives. Or you are on the road as a photo volunteer and take many spectacular pictures for our social media channels and daily reports.

  • Information technologies and telecommunications are the technical backbone of the International German Gymnastics Festival Leipzig 2021. In all competition and event areas there are numerous computer workstations that have to function smoothly. Sound technology supports the athletes in their competitions and provides the acoustic framework for the events.
  • You will be answering questions and assisting with the use of programs and databases, assisting with software and hardware problems, helping with sound engineering and recording of competition results.
  • What you need: IT knowledge and advanced computer skills
  • The International German Gymnastics Festival Leipzig 2021 is the focus of public attention. Various sponsoring and media companies will support the event and in return will receive presentation opportunities at the event venues.
  • You will be supporting the media representatives, monitoring the advert zones, capturing and sharing impressions in photo and film to share them on social media.
  • What you need: fun in dealing with people, more than one language would be an advantage
  • Impressive experiences, fascinating shows, lots of fun and activities are on the programme for 2021. Fascinating top-class sport acts, competitions, shows and the stadium gala – these and many other experiences have to be "captured"! We are looking for volunteer photographers who will help us capture these moments.
  • What you need: experience and enjoyment of photography, your own photo or film camera, a feel for the perfect photo


You are helpful, outgoing and solution-oriented? Then you are the ideal contact person for all volunteers, participants and visitors.

  • About 3,000 Volunteers will be supporting the core staff within the competitions, events, shows and organisation. Volunteer management plans the shifts for all volunteers and creates a central contact point for the volunteer centre.
  • You will support the volunteer manager with last minute shift changes, volunteer check-in and be the point of contact for volunteer questions.
  • What you need: ability to stay calm in stressful situations, enjoyment of teamwork, ability to listen to concerns
  • About 50,000 permanent participants and about 30,000 day participants will come to Leipzig for the International German Gymnastics Festival in 2021. Participant management is in exchange with the clubs to support them during the registration process and to answer questions.
  • You will be a point of contact for questions participants might have, support the ticketing team and ensure that any last minute requests are met.
  • What you need: good computer skills, foreign languages are an advantage
  • The International German Gymnastics Festival is a major event that brings together people from a diversity of backgrounds. Especially at the beginning, visitors require guidance and there are countless of questions to be answered on topics such as accommodation, public transport, competitions as well as the event and leisure activities on offer.
  • You will be stationed at information points and provide answers and information to visitors.
  • What you need: communicative, knowledge of Leipzig and foreign languages are an advantage
  • During the International German Gymnastics Festival Leipzig 2021 many official events will take place, whose organisation  is regulated precisely. High-ranking guests from sports, politics and society visit the Gymnastics Festival. These guests of honour also play an important role at the opening ceremony and at award ceremonies. The protocol team is responsible for ensuring that all protocol requirements are observed.
  • Volunteers, who are deployed in this area, support the full-time staff in the organisation and implementation of the event as well as in the care of the guests. This can mean, for example, looking after VIP guests at the opening ceremony.
  • What you need: polite and courteous appearance, organisational talent
  • International participants and guests are also very welcome in Leipzig. Our goal is to welcome about 5,000 international participants from 15 nations to the event.
  • Your role will be to support the athletes from one of the countries and answer their questions, as well as translate for them.
  • If you speak one or more of the following languages in addition to German or English, then this is the role for you:
    • Danish
    • English
    • Finnish
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Swedish
    • Spanish
    • Slovenian
    • Czech

Competitions (+)

For the participants of the International German Gymnastics Festival Leipzig 2021 the competitions are among the most important events of the Gymnastics Festival days. Tens of thousands of active participants collect points and recognition in the gyms, on the sports fields and in the swimming pools of Leipzig. 26 disciplines offer participants the opportunity to participate actively. Some of them even fight for German or World Championship titles, others compete in cup competitions or the popular DTB choice competitions.

  • Your job will be to support the competition management, work in the competition office, support and care of the judges, setting up and taking down smaller competition sites and writing down results.
  • Ideally you will bring experience in one of the 26 disciplines and the running of their competitions