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A city with sport history

In 2025, the 44th International German Gymnastics Festival is taking place in Leipzig. For the 13th time, the city of Leipzig will host athletes and sports enthusiasts from all over the world, continuing its long sports history. The tradition of gymnastics has always played an important role in Leipzig, which persists to this day. Leipzig is a city of sports! Its development was heavily influenced by soccer, which made its way to Leipzig in the 1880s and quickly established itself in Leipzig’s sports club culture. 

This flourishing club scene ultimately lead to the founding of the German Football Association in Leipzig in 1900. After leaving a significant mark on football in the former German Democratic Republic, Leipzig is once again playing a crucial role in the dynamics of German football thanks to the presence of RB Leipzig, a club that has been competing in the first Bundesliga since 2016. Following the construction of a new stadium for the 2006 World Cup, Leipzig is set to be a host city for matches in the 2024 European Championship.


However, not everything in Leipzig is centered around football. With 400 sports clubs boasting nearly 100,000 athletes, the presence of one of Germany's 20 Olympic bases, and noteworthy events like the Leipzig Open and the Leipzig Marathon , leipzig truly comes alive as a vibrant and dynamic city!

Leipzig has a very special connection to the International German Gymnastics Festival, having been its host 12 times. For the first time Leipzig served as the venue for the 3rd German Gymnastics Festival in 1863 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Nations. Back then between Leipzig and Connewitz, a large sports facility accommodating 20,000 gymnasts and several thousand spectators was built. The gymnastics fields eventually made way for esidential areas, which now extend around Karl Liebknecht Straße. However remnants can still be found in places such as Alexis Schumann Platz, which will also become part of Leipzig's Sports Route in the future.

Explore Leipzig during the Turnfest 2025

Explore Leipzig during the Turnfest 2025

Leipzig is looking forward to welcoming athletes, performers, guests and YOU to the International German Gymnastics Festival in May 2025! Leipzig was last host to this outstanding event in 2002. Experience a vibrant city where not only sports, but also music and art flourish. Hardly any other city reflects the spirit of the times as much as Leipzig. Currently, Leipzig is Germany’s fastest growing city in population by percentage. Tradition and future, classic and modernity, old and young - everything goes hand in hand in Leipzig to form this extraordinary city. 

Enjoy the city’s unique atmosphere!