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All participants must be registered via the DTB (Deutscher Turner-Bund / German Gymnastics Federation) online registration tool.

The first registration phase starts on June 17th, 2024.

The Gymnastics Festival fee includes a compelling package for participants!

The Turnfest-Ticket ticket includes public transportation, access to the Gymnastics Festival Fair, access to all non-ticketed events, tourist discounts and the option to book paid accommodation in schools or communal lodgings. 

There are no age restrictions for general participation in the International German Gymnastics Festival 2025. 

However, to compete, participants must be at least twelve years old (born in 2014) unless the Turnfest Programme Guide specifies otherwise. 

In the spirit of fair play and to prevent health risks, it's recommended that all participants only engage in performance classes or difficulty levels that they can safely handle with regular training and based on their current state of health.  

Please note that foreign participants are not eligible to take part in German championships. 

In addition to the competitions, there are numerous events along with workshops, seminars, and hands-on activities that have no age restrictions. Guests and spectators are welcome to join these activities without prior registration.

The Programme Guide will only be available in electronic format. Together with the DTB (German Gymnastics Federation), the Gymnastics Festival Leipzig 2025 places a strong empathy on digitalization and sustainability. The entire Programme Guide or individual pages can be saved as a PDF and, if necessary, printed out yourself.

You can find the Programme Guide here: 

Programme Guide

Sales for ticketed events during the International German Gymnastics Festival are expected to start in the autumn 2024.

Due to the rehearsal schedule, it is unfortunately not possible for international groups to take part in the large group performance during the Stadium Gala. However, we look forward to welcoming you as part of the audience. All information about tickets will be published soon.


Please contact stadiongala@turnfest.de if you have any questions regarding the Stadion Gala (at Red Bull Arena).

Yes, you must book your participating activities via the registration platform and register separately as a volunteer via our website. There you can also provide information about the time and area of work, etc.

Participants Management

Yes, you can take part in all programmes except competitions.

Unless it is a binding individual registration (individual registrant), changes to registrations made within the registration period (until the 28th of February 2025) are possible at any time free of charge in the registration tool. Bookings become final after the registration deadline. Changes, re-entries and late entries are no longer possible after the deadline. In the event of an overlap between the competition date and the date of the workshop, cancellation after the registration deadline is not possible. The workshop place can be transferred to another participant who has already registered. An additional processing fee of € 6.00 per participant will be charged to the club of the transferring participant for processing by the organiser.

All offers in English can be found in the English programme guide. The competitions in which international participants can compete are also listed there.

If you have any questions about registration, please send an email to teilnahme@turnfest.de (german participants) or internationals@turnfest.de (international participants) or call the Participant Management hotline directly on +49 341 21 545 555. We are available Mon-Fri from 8:30-17:00 and on Tuesday until 19:00.


There are numerous attractive opportunities for groups performing at the International German Gymnastics Festival! Be part of it and put on your show!

Participate with your group

  • at the Show Areas and Show Stages
  • Performance with feedback
  • at the Choreography-workshop
  • at the show "Rendevous of the best" (only qualified groups are allowed to participate)
  • at the DTB-Fun Dance

Registrations can be made online via the Turnfest-Portal, which is open from June 17th 2024 to February 28th 2025. You can register for all offers in the show area under the ‘Vorführungen’ tab. 

Groups must qualify in advance in order to take part in this show. Only German clubs are allowed to participate.

You will need the following information to register: Title and a short description of your performance, group name, name of the group leader, mobile phone number of the group leader, duration of the performance and a presentation text. For the performances, you must select a time slot in addition to these details. For the show stages and areas, these are specified by the hour. You can also select large sports equipment when registering. (Please note: these are not available at all venues). 

The Turnfest registration tool is open until the 28th February 2025 at 23:59. Any changes and additions can be made until then. Bookings only become binding after the registration deadline. Changes, re-registrations and late registrations are no longer possible after the registration deadline.

As a rule, the minimum age for participation in the competitions and the performances on offer at the Turnfest is 12 years (born in 2013), unless a different age limit has been specified in the programme guide.

Performances on the Show Stages and Areas (TURNFESTival Show Area Market Square, Stage Augustusplatz, Show Area Glas Hall, Leipzig Exhibition Centre) can be performed from the age of 10.

However, we would like to expressly point out that the International German Gymnastics Festival is an exciting event, especially for children and young people, and that the supervision of minors is the responsibility of the club organisers and must be planned well and sufficiently.

You need to have a Participation Card to take part in the shows.

There are no additional costs for the Show Stages and Areas.

The following costs apply for participating in other activities in the performance area:

DTB-Fun-Dance 35,00€

Performance with feedback from pros 35,00€

Choreography-workshop 50,00€

You can perform on the Show Stages and Areas as often as you like. However, you must register in the registration tool for each performance. You can only participate once in all other offers in the performance area.

All performances should be a maximum of 5 minutes. The maximum performance time for DTB Fun Dance is 4 minutes.

Detailed information on the upload link will be provided shortly.

The dimensions of the individual show stages and areas can be found in detail in the Programme Guide. 

A PVC-like dance floor will be available in the performance area for all activities. If rollable mats are required, these must be explicitly selected in the registration tool.

Large sports equipment is available at some locations. A floor area or floor runners are available at all locations. The gymnastics equipment required for the demonstration must be explicitly selected in the registration tool when registering. The gymnastics equipment can only be provided if this requirement has been registered. Small apparatus and props must be brought by the participants themselves. Anchored equipment is not permitted. Please note the equipment catalogue.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to vorfuehrungen@turnfest.de.


No, participants from international clubs outside Germany do not require DTB starting rights.

All participants are required to complete the competition on time within their timeslot. If the last discipline has not been completed by the end of the timeslot, the competition can of course be continued to the end.

These will only communicated after the entry deadline. If contingent entries are planned for competitions, no further schedules will be published. The contingent booked by the club applies.

Turnfest Academy

Yes, it is possible to book as a single registrant (individual booker), please follow the ‘Eventbuchung für Einzelmelder’ on the start page of the registration tool.

The Turnfest-Day-Ticket gives you access to the exhibition centre as well as all free services and public transport in Leipzig (zone 110). The Turnfest Academy Day-Ticket includes the Turnfest-Day-Ticket as well as two to four workshops and a lunchtime lecture for the respective day. 

For Turnfest participants with a Participant Card, the fees for the Turnfest Academy include: access to the booked workshop, use of the required equipment during the workshops and the free lectures during the lunch break (prior registration required).

For individual registrants, the fees for the Turnfest Academy include: access to the exhibition centre, access to the booked workshops, use of the required equipment during the workshops, free lectures during the lunch break (prior registration required) and a day ticket for public transport in Leipzig (zone 110).

The workshop ticket or the day tickets for the Turnfest Academy include access to the Leipzig Exhibition Centre, to attend the booked workshops and the lecture during the lunch break and to use the required equipment during the workshops. Free join-in activities can be attended at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre. Other events subject to charges and tickets are not included in the Turnfest Academy Day-Ticket and must be booked separately.

Turnfest participants with a Participant Card have the option of being added to the waiting list if the workshop is fully booked. To do this, click on ‘Book’ for the preferred workshop and you will automatically be placed on the waiting list. If a place becomes available in the workshop, the person placed at number 1 moves up to the workshop and so on. We will inform you as soon as a place becomes available.

No prior knowledge is required for most workshops. However, if you need it, this will be indicated in the workshop details in the registration tool.

Yes, all participants will receive a certificate of participation in the workshop attended, which will be available for download in the registration tool after the workshop.

Yes, the name you enter will be registered during the booking process.


The application period begins on the 1st of August 2024. The application deadline is the 1st of October 2024. You will find the link to the application form in the Programme Guide and on the Turnfest website from the 1st of August.

Changes to registrations can be made free of charge at any time during the registration period in the Turnfest-Portal. Bookings become binding on the 28th of February 2025 at 23:59. Changes, re-registrations and late registrations are no longer possible after the registration deadline.

Your booked activities will be printed on your Participant Card, which you must present before participating in the respective activity.

Your booked activities will be printed on your Participant Card, which is personalised and non-transferable.