Das Turnfest - two years to go | Foto: DTB/ Turnfest Fotos


All participants must be registered via the DTB (Deutscher Turner-Bund / German Gymnastics Federation) online registration tool.

The first registration phase starts on June 3, 2024.

The Gymnastics Festival fee includes a compelling package for participants!

The Turnfest-Ticket ticket includes public transportation, access to the Gymnastics Festival Fair, access to all non-ticketed events, tourist discounts and the option to book paid accommodation in schools or communal lodgings. 

There are no age restrictions for general participation in the International German Gymnastics Festival 2025. 

However, to compete, participants must be at least twelve years old (born in 2014) unless the Festival Program Guide specifies otherwise. 

In the spirit of fair play and to prevent health risks, it's recommended that all participants only engage in performance classes or difficulty levels that they can safely handle with regular training and based on their current state of health.  

Please note that foreign participants are not eligible to take part in German championships. 

In addition to the competitions, there are numerous events along with workshops, seminars, and hands-on activities that have no age restrictions. Guests and spectators are welcome to join these activities without prior registration.

The Program Guide is currently being developed and will be published on the Turnfest website when ready. It will only be available in electronic format. Together with the DTB (German Gymnastics Federation), the Gymnastics Festival Leipzig 2025 places a strong empathy on digitalization and sustainability. The entire Program Guide or individual pages can be saved as a PDF and, if necessary, printed out yourself.

Sales for ticketed events during the International German Gymnastics Festival are expected to start in the autumn 2024.

An overview of the popportunities to actively participate in the area of show performances will soon be available on this website. 

The registration will be done via the official registration tool.

Registration is possible for both clubs and individual participants via the registration tool. Please note that registration can only be done online. Any registrations made after the deadline will not be accepted. Remaining places can be booked on site. You will soon find information about participation costs in the price table in the Program Guide.