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International German Gymnastics Festival Leipzig 2025

With hundreds of thousands of visitors, participants and volunteers, the International German Gymnastics Festival is the biggest competitive and mass sports event in the world. Having hosted it a remarkable twelve times so far, Leipzig has a very special connection to the International German Gymnastics Festival. The initial instance dates back to 1863 when Leipzig served as the venue for the 3rd German Gymnastics Festival. In 2025, Leipzig will once again be host to athletes and sports enthusiasts from all over the world, thus continuing its long sports history. With a compact and contemporary concept, a wide variety of sporting competitions, spectacular shows, hands-on activities and demonstrations will be on offer at various locations in the city from 28 May to 01 June 2025.

For the Turnfest 2025
in Leipzig we expect 80.000
active Participants
(of that 5.000 international),
5.000 volunteers and
750.000 visitors.


Out of all the participants there will be 
70% girls and women and
40% kids and teenagers.

During 5 days 18 locations will host competitions in 23 different sports, including 10 German Championships. In addition, there will be stage performances, galas, and a professional show program featuring a total of 5.000 participants from Germany, Europe and around the whole world.

The Gymnastics Festival Academy offers over 400 workshops, seminars and  lectures. Over 100 hands-on activities for all ages will be available at various locations throughout the city of Leipzig.

One of the unique aspects of the German Gymnastics Festival is that many participants stay in communal accommodations: in Leipzig  35.000 people will sleep in 150 schools. The organising comittee has 60 full-time staff members, and more than 200 individuals are already actively involved in the preparations as volunteers. By the way, German Gymnastics Festivals have been taking place since 1860, and Leipzig will be hosting it for the 13th time in 2025.