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Group Competitions (TGM/TGW)

Gymnastics Youth Group Championships (Turnjugend-GruppenMeisterschaften) or Gymnastics Youth Group Competitions (Turnjugend-GruppenWettbewerbe) is a group selection competition of the German Gymnastics Youth (Deutschen Turnjugend). A group (6-12 individuals) puts together their competition from eight different disciplines. Depending on the competition class, they choose three or four disciplines. 

There are no limits to creativity. Groups showcase outstanding performances in each discipline. The self-designed routines and dancing are diverse, whether it's hip-hop, jazz, ballroom dance, or more – judges look forward to each presentation. The combination of sports and musical disciplines is what makes the competition particularly attractive. Notably, the pronounced group dynamic is worth mentioning. For instance, in gymnastics, assistance is not only permitted, but even encouraged. 

Groups can choose from the following disciplines: 

● Group floor exercises with or without apparatus   
● Group dance  
● Group gymnastics with hand apparatus  
● Singing in a group  
● Medicine ball throw  
● Orienteering  
● 75m run  
● Swimming relay 

Competition offers Turnfest 2025:


Youth Gymnastics Group Championship (TGM)  
Youth Gymnastics Group Competition (TGW) – DTB Finals  
TGW Inclusive



Youth Group Gymnastics Competition – DTB Finals (Juniors, Adults, Seniors)  
TGW Inclusive


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