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Gymnastics & Dance

Summarized under the umbrella term Gymnastics & Dance there are three exciting sub-areas: 

● Gymnastics 
● Gymnastics & dance  
● DTB dance 

The gymnastics area includes both competitions with compulsory exercises (P) and competitions with freely designed freestyle exercises (K). The P exercises with prescribed content and defined spatial paths, as well as uniform music, are offered at the gymnastics festival as a specialist gymnastics competition.  

There will also be a Turnfest Cup for P groups. 

The exercise descriptions for this can be found in the DTB-Aufgabenbuch “Gymnastik“ (DTB task book “Gymnastics”). 

In the K levels, however, you can design the choreography yourself. Only three specified mandatory elements need to be implemented here. The handheld devices are specified and change every year. Depending on the age group, there is a one-on-one or three-way competition. The K group competition is offered for this purpose. Here, 3-5 gymnasts show a freely designable choreography with the compulsory elements of K8. The exercise is performed in two rounds. Both the German National Cup (qualification via the state gymnastics association) and a Turnfest Cup (no qualification necessary) will take place. 

Flying hoops and expressive dances: With “Gymnastics & Dance” the German Gymnastics Federation has created a modern and multifaceted competition. Depending on their level of performance, the groups show their skills at the German Championships (qualification via state championships), in the Turnfest Cup or group competition. 

The special feature of this competition is that the groups must present two choreographies to the jury: a gymnastics exercise with hand equipment and a dance. 

Dance is becoming more popular every year. Here you can admire dance in all its diversity. All styles, dance forms and trends such as jazz dance, modern dance, contemporary, street dance or even gymnastic forms of movement are permitted and can be freely combined. 

The DTB-Dance and DTB-Dance small group competitions are offered. 

At DTB-Dance, groups of 6-16 athletes can compete in the German National Cup, Turnfest Cup, or group competition, depending on their level of performance and qualifications. 

DTB-Dance small group is aimed at dance groups with 3-5 members. Here too, the dance can be designed freely. The small challenge is to integrate 3 mandatory elements into the choreography. In addition to the German National Cup, for which the groups must qualify at state level, there is also a Turnfest Cup that is open to everyone. 

Competition offers Turnfest 2025:


Competition offers Gymnastics/Dance: German Championships, Turnfest Cup, Group Competitions  
Competition offers DTB-Dance: German National Cup, Turnfest Cup, Group Competitions  
Competition offers DTB-small groups: German National Cup, Turnfest Cup 



Turnfest Cup 
Group competitions 


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