Viele Musiker auf einer Bühne

Bildquelle: Holger Scheel

Gymnastics music

Whether it's a brass band, fife and drum corps, fanfare, marching band, shawm ensemble, or big bands – the spectrum of gymnastics music is vast, and it comes with a rich history. For 175 years, gymnasts with their numerous music ensembles have been parading to the gymnastics fields. Today, the tradition continues in its time-honored form. Annual and anniversary concerts, gymnastics festival parades, and field concerts are part of the responsibilities of these musical communities. During competitions or contests, gymnastics musicians showcase their skills. 

At the Leipzig Gymnastics Festival in 2025, the award for "Best DTB Club" will be given to the club with the highest points. Orchestras can participate in concert evaluations. Making music in small groups is not just for musicians but is open to all gymnasts. 

Competition offers Turnfest 2025:


Competitive music-making - for orchestras 
Music-making in small groups - open to all participants

DTB Championships

  • Marching and Show
  • Show competition
  • Stage competition (Entertainment)
  • Drumline Battle



Registration is possible in all competitions. 


Please note all information is subject to change.