Eine Prellballmannschaft in einer Halle

Bildquelle: Volker Minkus


Prellball is an ideal gymnastics game. It develops physical skills and provides the right mix of fitness training, athletic challenges, positive leisure activities, and social interactions. Prellball is well-suited for children's gymnastics as well as for senior groups and school sports classes. 

This engaging ball game is played in all age groups, including girls, young women, and men, in championship rounds up to the German Championships, in tournaments, and cup competitions. The 8x16 meter field is divided by the net over the centerline. This smaller field makes team game lively and exciting, requiring determined effort and promoting quick reactions. 

On a field divided in the middle by a net at a height of 40cm, two teams face each other. Each team consists of four players. The task of each team is to bounce the ball with their fist or forearm onto their own field floor in a way that it reaches the opposing field over the net. All players strive to skillfully play the ball in a way that makes it challenging for the opponent to receive. The ball can only bounce on the floor once after each player contact and must, at the latest, cross the net again after the third touch. 

In competitive play, a game lasts 2x10 minutes. The team with the most points at the end of the time wins. 

Competition offers Turnfest 2025:


Cup Tournament Prellball  
Cup Tournament 2 players  
Leisure Tournament mixed Prellball  
Leisure Tournament 2 players 



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