Sportler beim Orientierungslauf

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Orienteering is an attractive natural and endurance sport for everyone regardless of whether you are a student, a senior or a competitive athlete. 

The races take place in a wide variety of terrain, such as forests, parks, or urban areas. 

In orienteering, the goal is to approach “checkpoints”, one after the other - in the prescribed order and in the shortest possible time, using only a map and compass. An electronic chip serves as proof and records the location and time when passing through the checkpoints. 

Orienteering can be practiced both as a recreational and competitive sport and is also suitable for schools. The sport offers the opportunity to combine content from the subjects of sport, biology, geography, and mathematics like no other. 

Competition offers Turnfest 2025:


Orienteering Run  
Orienteering Run during TGM/TGW 



Orienteering Run 


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