Ein Ringtennisspiel

Bildquelle: Volker Minkus


Tennisquoits is a racquetless game in which players attempt to skillfully throw a solid ring made of foam rubber over a 1.55-meter-high net so that it lands in the opponent's field. The opponent tries to prevent this by catching it. Catching and throwing must happen in a continuous motion, giving the sport incredible dynamics and speed. 

The small playing field, measuring 12.20m x 5.50m, requires quick reactions and speed, making it enjoyable both indoors and outdoors. Ringtennis is well-suited for competitive sports as well as recreational and school sports. It can be played in singles, doubles, or mixed formats. 

Competition offers Turnfest 2025:


Cup Tournament Singles (men’s / women’s)  
Ribbon Tournament (double, mixed)  
Beach Tournament double 



Registration is possible in all competitions.


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