Eine Gruppe bei einem TeamGym Wettkampf

Bildquelle: Volker Minkus


TeamGym is a team sport originating from Scandinavia, consisting of women's, men's, and mixed teams, each comprising eight to ten athletes. The sport emphasizes effective teamwork and features spectacular acrobatic elements. Competitions and training foster a strong team spirit within the squad. 

TeamGym encompasses the following disciplines: 

● Floor
● Tumbling
● Trampette 

During floor routines, all athletes perform a choreography with both dance and gymnastic elements, synchronized to music. Evaluation considers not only technical execution but also expression and synchronization. 

In Tumbling, six team members showcase acrobatic jumps and sequences on the Tumbling track in three rounds. Streaming is crucial, highlighting the uniqueness of this sport. The six active gymnasts must complete the demonstrated elements in short intervals consecutively. 

On the Trampette, athletes present elements on the mini-trampoline and vaulting table in three rounds. This includes foot jumps, somersaults, twists, and combined maneuvers. 

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TeamGym (men's, women's, mixed) 
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