Aerobic-Sportlerin bei einem Wettkampf

Bildquelle: Volker Minkus

Aerobic Gymnastics

Aerobics involves the ability to consistently execute complex and high-intensity movements derived from traditional Aerobic Dance. Its origins trace back to Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, an American doctor who initially developed aerobic training to strengthen the heart and lungs in the 1960s. The global breakthrough occurred in 1982 when Jane Fonda promoted Aerobics as a core element of her fitness principle, making the sport particularly popular among younger women. Athletes showcase their skills as individuals, in pairs, trios or groups of up to twelve people.  Age and gender play a minimal role. 

During a competition exercise, performed on either a 7x7 meter or 10x10 meter competition area, athletes present Aerobic steps and combinations arranged into an engaging, sport-specific choreography. 

The overall structure of the exercise, the difficulty level of the elements, the coherence of movement patterns, and the originality and creativity in connecting steps and elements to the music hold significant importance. 

Competition offers Turnfest 2025:


German Championships (Individual, Duo, Trio, Team 4-5 gymnasts, Team 6-12 gymnasts)     
German Youth Championships (Individual, Duo, Trio, Team 4-5 gymnasts, Team 6-12 gymnasts)    
DTB Cup Step (Team 6-12 gymnasts)    
German National Cup (Individual, Duo, Trio, Team 4-5 gymnasts)    
Aero Dance 3-5 gymnasts   



German Youth Championships Qualification 
DTB Cup Step 


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