Ein Sportler bei seinem Wettkampf im Kugelstoßen

Bildquelle: Volker Minkus


At this largest "Gymnastics Festival Competition," each participant has the opportunity to compete in an elective competition based on their interests and abilities in the offered disciplines of gymnastics, aerobics, athletics, swimming, trampoline gymnastics, and rope skipping. 

There is the option to participate in a traditional mixed competition with disciplines from three sports or a sport-specific specialized competition with choices of apparatus or difficulty levels. 

The following options are available: 
Elective Competition "Mix" (Mixed Competition) 
Elective Competition Athletics (Specialized Competition) 
Elective Competition Swimming (Specialized Competition) 
Elective Competition "Jump" (Specialized Competition in Trampoline Gymnastics and Rope Skipping) 
Elective Competition Gymnastics (Specialized Competition) 
Elective Competition Aerobics (Specialized Competition) 

Competition offers Turnfest 2025:


“Mix” (mixed competition) – selection of 3 disciplines

  • Artistic gymnastics (floor, parallel bars, beam/bench) – P levels 
  • Mini Trampoline – P Levels 
  • Rope Skipping (30s Easy Jump, 30s Speed) 
  • Athletics disciplines (slingshot ball, 50 m run)  
  • Swimming disciplines (50 m breaststroke, 50 m backstroke, 50 m freestyle)

Athletics competition – selection of 3 disciplines 

  • Run
  • Long jump
  • Shot put
  • Sling ball or ball

Swimming competition – selection of 3 disciplines 

  • Diving (depending on ability 15 m / 25 m) / 200 m freestyle 
  • 50 m breaststroke 
  • 50 m backstroke 
  • 50 m butterfly 
  • 50 m freestyle

Jump specialist competition – selection of 4 disciplines 

  • Rope Skipping (30 practice time each) 

    Easy Jump (two-legged-jumps)       
    Speed Jump (jumping alternately on one leg)       
    Criss Cross   
    Double Under (double penetrations) 

  • Trampoline gymnastics

    Mini Trampoline P1 – P9       
    Compulsory Trampoline Exercises P1 – P9       
    Double Jump Trampoline P1 – P9       
    Quintuple Jump Trampoline P1 – P9       
    Double Jump Mini Trampoline P1 – P9 


Artistic gymnastics competition – selection of 3 disciplines

  • P-exercises according the task books 
  • Men’s; video tutorial 
    Pommel horse
    Parallel bars (also for women)
    Horizontal bars
  • Women’s; video tutorial 
    Horizontal bar / Uneven bars
    Balance beam / gymnastics bench 

Gymnastics specialist competition – selection of 2 disciplines

  • P exercises at different levels of difficulty
  • Handsets may not be repeated
  • Female hand tools: ball, hoop, rope
  • Male hand equipment: medicine ball, rope, dumbbells





Registration is possible in all competitions. 


Please note all information is subject to change.