Johannapark in Leipzig


The ecological footprint of major events is fundamentally unavoidable. However, minimizing it as much as possible is one of the primary goals and challenges for the organising comittee of the International German Gymnastics Festival 2025, to which up to 100,000 participants from all over the world will travel to Leipzig. 

As Germany's largest children and youth association with over 1.8 million underage participants, the German Gymnastics Federation is aware of its responsibility towards the future generations and places this challenge at the heart of its event concept: sustainability has been integrated into the planning of the the German Gymnastics Festival 2025 from the very beginning. In addition to German Gymnastics Federation experts, officials from the city of Leipzig and external specialists are actively engaged in developing a strategy that includes not only social initiatives but also ecological aspects. 

All areas of the event will be critically examined to assess the extent of ecological impacts and potential consequences, aiming to reduce these impacts and explore resource-efficient alternative models. To acomplish this, our Sustainability Department is currently developing a concept that identifies key strategies and includes concrete measures. 

Moreover, the German Gymnastics Festival Leipzig 2025 is intended to become a major platform where all participants and guests can personally experience and try out how easy it can be to integrate sustainability into sporting activities. Simultaneously, tangible actions will illustrate how each of us can take responsibility for societal and environmental challenges. 

In the near future, we will provide comprehensive information about our overall concept and the areas of focus for our initiatives. 

Do you have questions about our sustainability concept? Then please contact our Sustainability Departement led by Frieda Prochaska:

We have signed the Statement from Sports for Future, wanting to set an example for fair and sustainable sports competitions.